College Costs: A Model that “Works”

If your university is struggling to solve concerns about affordability, enrollment, and competition from public higher education, then this article is worth your time. College costs, student debt, and sustaining enrollment are three of the most pressing concerns in higher education today.  Amid the outcry for "free college tuition,” a more sensible model is gaining … Continue reading College Costs: A Model that “Works”

In the News: Free Tuition at Mizzou

Free college tuition at state sponsored institutions is making headlines once more. This time as an affordability strategy at the University of Missouri.

Time to Reset Tuition?

“These are strategic initiatives -- they're not promotional gimmicks,” said John Lawlor, founder of the Lawlor Group.  "If a reset has a chance of working, it needs to be studied in depth." Fascinating article regarding the idea of a tuition price reset.  Read the article here ...

University of Missouri at Columbia Officials Bracing for Decline

University of Missouri at Columbia officials were bracing for a decline, though not this significant, given the fallout from protests there in 2015. Now, they say, its public image needs a makeover. via Mizzou’s Freshman Enrollment Has Dropped by 35% in 2 Years. Here’s What’s Going On. — The Chronicle of Higher Education

State Legislators: Cast a Vote for Private Higher Ed

In the April 14, 2017, edition of the Chronicle of Higher Education, Katherine Mangan provides an often overlooked solution to the challenges of state funding in higher education.  Her article, Incentives to Attend Private Colleges Could Save States Money and Raise Graduation Rates details a number of significant financial advantages achieved by the state supporting … Continue reading State Legislators: Cast a Vote for Private Higher Ed