Find Your God-Given Strengths

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAaZAAAAJDY4NTNjYzczLWVlMmEtNDZjZi05NDZmLWJlNDJmNmM1ODMxMwAs an educator, one tool I have found effective in assisting both students and employees to discover their strengths is the Gallup Organization’s StrengthsFinder® 2.0 inventory. The premise of the survey instrument is that each person is gifted with a unique set of skills and abilities and when we learn to capitalize on our strengths, rather than only remediate our weaknesses, we can achieve a new level of success.

My “top five” strengths, according to the StrengthsFinder® 2.0 inventory are learning, arranging, achieving, taking responsibility and relating well to people. Below is a brief description of each characteristic.
• Learner – I thrive in an environment where learning is a priority. I am a “quick study” and not only have an aptitude towards learning new information and skills but also I am a strong proponent of helping others pursue their educational goals.

• Arranger – I am a strategist and am energized by challenge. I can take complex situations and work diligently to find solutions. I enjoy “arranging” and managing multiple variables to configure new options, build partnerships and find innovative avenues for accomplishing goals.

• Achiever – Seeing results and feeling productive in my work are paramount to me. I believe it is important to have a vision for the future and set challenging, yet realistic goals. I pursue my job diligently and find great satisfaction in achieving goals.

• Responsibility – I have a strong commitment to getting the job done. I take psychological ownership for any task to which I commit and feel responsible for ensuring the task is completed successfully and by the deadline.

• Relator – One of my strengths is relating to people, even in challenging situations. My personality, combined with my training as a licensed professional counselor, provide me with unique skills in successfully dealing with difficult people and challenging problems.